her shifter king

A past she can’t remember.
A secret he must keep hidden.
A passion they never saw coming.

Ten years ago.
That was the last time I knew peace. family. Sanity.
But after they came for me—everything changed.
Now, I live my life as an outcast, hiding among the shadows of each new city. Every move I make is a risk, and I’m fully aware that I’m only one wrong turn away from certain death. When I find myself trapped between an enormous wolf and the monstrous shaded creatures that have been hunting me for the last decade, it seems my time is up.
Except it isn’t.  
My beastly savior shifts into a not-so-mortal man. He claims to be King Alpha of the Blueblood pack in Detroit and he has a deal for me; Marry him and become his mate, and he’ll offer me more freedom and protection than I could ever have on my own. Sounds too good to be true, which usually means it is, but I’m in no position to refuse this overbearing, dominant, ridiculously handsome warrior.
So I make a choice.
On the surface I’ll play his game and be his wife. But behind the scenes, I’ll use his resources to find out the truth behind who I am—and what he really wants from me—before he can get it.

If you Love the romance of the CAPTIVE OF SHADOWS series and MATED TO THE FAE KING, Grab The first book in the brand new ‘MOON CURSED’ Series from author Bailey Dark, a deliciously intoxicating paranormal romance!

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her shifter mate

A Note From Bailey!

Hey guys, I know many of you had pre-ordered this book and I apologize for the delays. It's important for me to get this book right, and with the strange world we are living in, my creative juices had stalled a bit. The good news is that I've been able to write on a few other projects so releases should be happening soon, but for some reason this one hit right as the world went topsy-turvy, and completing  book two had been like pulling teeth for a while. But I had a huge week of writing last week and I think you guys will love the direction the story has taken and I PROMISE it's coming soon!


I love you guys and appreciate your patience and understanding. I don't think anyone has better readers than I do. 

xoxo - Bailey.

The Second Book in the Sexy Paranormal Romance Series from author Bailey Dark.

If you Love the romance of the CAPTIVE OF SHADOWS series and MATED TO THE FAE KING, Grab The second book in the brand new ‘MOON CURSED’ Series, a deliciously intoxicating paranormal romance!

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